Black Butterflies
Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010
idtv Production (Niederlande)
Paula van der Oest
Dolby Digital
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Mischung (Steffen Berlipp)
Inhalt (engl.):
Rejected by her father and despite love affairs with many men, no one can give young South African poet Ingrid Jonker what she seeks. It is not until N. Mandela reads her poem in his first speech that she finds recognition.
South Africa in the 1960s. The sun’s shining, the water’s inviting, and Ingrid - wife, mother and poet - is boldly, recklessly swimming out into the open sea. Suddenly, fear takes hold of her, then panic ... Her rescuer is a man named Jack, and as fate would have it, he is a novelist whom Ingrid greatly admires. Jack himself is delighted with his “catch”, and the two fall in love. A lively, strong-headed woman, Ingrid loves life and infuses everything she does with infectious passion, finding freedom and solace in writing, whenever and wherever she can. Her awareness of the injustice and inhumanity of life in her racist country is sharpened by Jack, an acknowledged yet critical author. Though she loves him deeply, her irresistible charm and unconventional ways also attract other men, other lovers ... While her emotional life unfolds like a whirlwind that brings excitement and adventure - as well as destruction - to her and those around her, her literary career also begins to draw the attention of readers all over the world. Even her father reads her books; but as Minister of Censorship he condemns them and disowns his daughter. Cut to the quick and blacklisted by the authorities, Ingrid comes closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. Can she still be stopped by her faithful Jack and her loyal friends?
“Black Butterflies” is the riveting love- and life-story of young South African poet Ingrid Jonker. Directed by Oscar-nominee Paula van der Oest, it is a powerful portrait of a strong-headed woman and talented yet troubled artist during the Apartheid regime. Carice van Houten (“Valkyrie”, “Black Book”) impersonates this character in a breathtaking tour de force and stars opposite Liam Cunningham (“The Wind That Shakes The Barley”) as her all-consuming love and Rutger Hauer (”Blade Runner”, ”Soldier of Orange”) as her oppressive father. 
In his first speech to the South African Parliament in 1994, Nelson Mandela read Ingrid Jonker’s poem “The Dead Child of Nyanga” and hailed her as one of the greatest poets of South Africa.
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