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Wir verfügen über zwei voneinander unabhängige Aufnahmeräume verschiedener Größe. 
Für die Bauausführung zeichnete sich - wie für alle Mischungen und Tonschnittplätze - die Firma TAS (Wolfgang Deus) aus Solingen verantwortlich.
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Insgesamt verfügen wir über sechs Tonschnittplätze, davon zwei in Mehrkanal-Abhörtechnik!  Als DAW kommt AVID Pro Tools 10 zum Einsatz.
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Um den Workflow in der Postproduktion weiter zu vervollständigen, verfügen wir seit Sommer 2010 über einen AVID Media Composer 6 Offline Schnittplatz. 
Foley Stage

The foley-stage is specifically designed to meet the requirements of recording synchronized sound and was built for this function alone.

Wilmont Schulze, a freelance foley artist from right here in Cologne, was responsible for the planning and development of the necessary work areas.
This included creating the concept for different floor coverings as well as a so-called “water corner” for various shower, kitchen and other water sounds.
The specialized construction allows us to produce truly authentic and realistic sounding foley recordings.
Studio III

The 30 sqm room was especially designed to meet the needs of high quality 5.1 TV and DVD mixing.
The TAS company collected the old acoustic modules that were in the best condition from the WDR studios for electronic music, fixed them up and decorated the walls with them, giving this studio somewhat of a 70s look.
Consequently, we lovingly christened our Mixing Studio III “Retro Mixing”! 
Our main focus was to see that the entire technology is identical to Mixing II so that projects can easily be exchanged between the two studios. 
The heart of the mixing studio is the same as in Mixing Studio II a Digidesign ProControl in connection with a high performance ProTools HD3 Accel System. The panels we, and all other studios use, are nonlinear Virtual VTR Systems from Gallery.